Berggaststätte himmel&erde Göppingen

Berggaststätte himmel&erde

The restaurant himmel&erde on the summit of Hohenstaufen can only be reached on foot – but the wonderful view is sufficient reward for the approximately 10-minute walk up the mountain. The menu is intentionally limited but still has plenty of choice. Not only the food, but also the drinks are all from the region. And don't forget to sample the in-house composition, "Himmel & Erde Berggeist" (a fruit brandy made with local apples and herbs)!

Opening hours

mid November- mid march
Friday + Saturday noon - 8 pm, Sun-/ public holidays 10 am - 8 pm

mid March - mid November
Thursday - Saturday noon - 10 pm, Sun-/ public holidays 10 am - 8 pm

Location & Contact

Berggaststätte himmel&erde
Auf dem Hohenstaufen (Bergplateau)
73037 Göppingen

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