Bürgerzentrum Waiblingen

Waiblingen's Civic Centre is one of the largest congress, conference and culture centres in the Stuttgart region. Its attractive facilities are ideal for conferences, seminars, festivities and cultural events with up to 1,000 participants. Its main features are its central, pleasant situation, open architecture and easy accessibility.

The Bürgerzentrum Waiblingen lies in the idyllic Talaue landscape park, a recreational area in the heart of the city that presents even more possibilities for a wide range of events beyond the centre itself.

With formats such as BÜZE CAMPUS, BÜZE AKTIV, BÜZE KREATIV and BÜZE EVENTS we offer unusual options in unconventional settings: from outdoor group workplaces to team-building activities such as rowing on the River Rems, art projects to promote creativity, or special locations for supporting programmes – all of them just a short distance from the Bürgerzentrum Waiblingen, and all from one source.

Location & Contact

Bürgerzentrum Waiblingen
An der Talaue 4
71334 Waiblingen

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