Electric bike hire from the Bad Urach tourist office

Ride effortlessly over the Alb on an e-bike

"Flyer" is the name of the electric bikes available for hire at the Tourist Office in Bad Urach... and riding them uphill, you feel as if you have wings! It's a Swiss invention: the "Flyer" e-bike measures the pedalling power of the cyclist, so you can ride it energetically or without any effort. Only a small switch on the handlebars reveals the almost invisible motor near the bottom bracket which can develop a little or a lot of thrust, whatever is required, practically inaudibly. Weighing just an additional 6 kg and with a battery charging time of around 4 hours, the "Flyer" is the Mercedes of electric bikes.

It makes cycle tours through the hilly landscape of the Alb pure pleasure, and sweaty, strenuous uphill pedalling a thing of the past.

Restaurants, inns and farmhouses in the most attractive areas for excursions around Bad Urach are collaborating to install more and more charging stations, so that guests can top up or replace their batteries en route. Depending on how often the electric motor is switched on, it is possible to travel up to 50 km. Even cyclists with lower fitness levels can now manage a trip to the Alb plateau or to the Lauter valley without too much effort.

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Bei den Thermen 4
72574 Bad Urach

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