Enz Waterfront, Vaihingen

For centuries the intensive utilisation of the River Enz contributed to Vaihingen's reputation as a centre of the leather industry. Along the old mill canal alone, up to 28 tanners concurrently plied their lucrative trade. The Enz provided the necessary water supply for tanning. Before its course was diverted in the 1950s, the mill canal – a side channel of the Enz – also served as a transport route between the tanneries along its banks and the Lohmühle mill. The ground bark needed for processing the leather was ferried by punt to the tanners along the canal.

The Enz waterfront was restructured in the year 2014 and is now an inviting place to relax. Seating is available on a large platform which juts out over the river. Steps lead directly down to the riverbank. There's also a small wooden landing stage for punt trips on the Enz.

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Enzufer Vaihingen
71665 Vaihingen an der Enz

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