Standseilbahn Stuttgart, © SMG

Standseilbahn (Funicular Railway)

Pure nostalgia: a ride on this heritage-protected little train made of teak wood is a unique experience. Europe’s first semi-automatic cable railway, dating from the year 1929, is still in regular use and links the Waldfriedhof cemetery with the district of Heslach. The ride down to Heslach takes 4 minutes. To continue the Citytour, please take the funicular railway back up the hill.

Please note: Your Citytour ticket does not include the funicular railway!
Please buy a railway ticket (short trip).
With a valid StuttCard PLUS you have free travel.

Opening hours

Funicular Railway Timetable:
Mon –Sun, bank holidays 9.10 am – 5.50 pm every 20 min.

Location & Contact

Standseilbahn Stuttgart
70199 Stuttgart

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