Hohenurach Castle Ruins

The first documented mention of Hohenurach Castle was in 1235. Duke Ludwig I of Württemberg had it modernised in 1427 and constructed a new castle complex on its foundations. After the castle was badly damaged in 1547 during the Schmalkaldic War, Duke Christoph of Württemberg had it rebuilt in 1551. From the 16th century it was also used as prison. One inmate here was the Tübingen Professor Nikodemus Frischlin (1547–1590).

A military installation such as Hohenurach also represented a constant threat to the population of the neighbouring town. However, it was not until 1765 that Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg moved his soldiers to the town and had the castle pulled down. Only a gigantic ruin remained of the castle - one of the most impressive and significant in southern Germany.
The ruins are freely accessible, but only on foot.

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Burgruine Hohenurach
72574 Bad Urach

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