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Marbach am Neckar

Attractively on the right bluffs overlooking the Neckar between vineyards and orchards to the north of Stuttgart. One of the oldest country towns in Wuerttemberg.

Torturm Marbach was named for the first time in documents in the year 972. In 1009, Emperor Heinrich II confirmed the market rights and granted the city coinage rights. The local lords were the Counts of Calw, the Margraves of Baden and the Dukes of Teck. In 1302, Marbach became fully Wuerttembergian and gained in importance as the northern bastion of the shire of Wuerttemberg. The city experienced a building boom under the rule of the Count Ulrich V, who had Marbach expanded into a small residence.

Marbach on the Neckar achieved its greatest fame as the place of birth of Friedrich Schiller. He was born on 10 November 1759 in the Niklastorstrasse 31. The Schiller tradition in Marbach began in 1812 with the determination of the birth house, which had been forgotten for decades. In 1835, the "Association for Schiller's Memorial" was founded and later became the Marbach Schiller Association. They bought Schiller's birth house in 1857 and opened it to the public two years later on the 100th birthday of the "Poet Prince".In 1895, the "Swabian Schiller Association" was founded with the goal of building a museum and an archive for Friedrich Schiller and the poets of Swabia.

In 1903, the Schiller Museum, built after the castle Solitude, was opened. In 1955, the German Literature Archive was founded and could move into an expansion in 1995.
In June 2006 was the Opening of the "Literaturmuseum der Moderne".

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Marktstraße 23
71672 Marbach am Neckar

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