Nordic Fitness Sports Park Göppingen

Nordic Fitness Sports Park Göppingen

The Nordic Fitness Sports Park in Göppingen is a licensed sports park by the INWA (International Nordic Walking Association and the GNFA (German Nordic Fitness Association) in a particularly beautiful location.

The licensed Nordic Fitness Sports Park™ in Göppinger Oberholz and the Spital forest offers everything that a Nordic walking fan could want.  There are many different, interesting trails, special Nordic walking signposts and on-site supervision by official, professional trainers.

There is a choice of routes that all take you through beautiful scenery – from the easy “blue route” (GEK circular route 1) through to the demanding “black route” (GEK circular route 3). At the start of the routes, the car park for the forest trails on Hohenstaufenstraβe, there is an information board that tells you more about the trails and their altitudes. There are signposts along the routes with distance markers. Exercise boards on the trails provide a suggested strengthening and stretching programme. You’ll have fun, get fitter and maybe lose a few ounces.

GEK Circular route 1
Length: 2.7km
Duration: 30 mins.
Level: Easy
Altitude: 30m
Meeting point: Car park for forest trails on Hohenstaufenstraße. Suitable for all, a gentle route.

GEK Circular route 2
Length: 4.9km
Duration: 50 mins
Level: Medium
Altitude: 80m
Meeting point: Car park for forest trails on Hohenstaufenstraße. A varied, relaxing route.

GEK Circular route 3
Length: 7.4km
Duration: 1 hour 15 mins.
Level: Difficult
Altitude: 160 m
Meeting point: Car park for forest trails on Hohenstaufenstraße. A challenging route.

A Nordic Fitness Sports Park™ is composed of specially selected existing trails which can be used as jogging, walking, blading or mountain bike trails.

The park has special signposts that have been designed so that a tourist who does not know the area can easily find their way around the routes. The signposts have a uniform design, with the various sports and trails differentiated using coloured arrows and logos.

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Nordic Fitness Sports Park
73033 Göppingen

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