Randecker Maar

Randecker Maar (Volcanic Vent)

The Randecker Maar is a former volcanic vent on the Swabian Alb in the district of Ochsenwang near Weilheim an der Teck, and was caused by volcanic activity around 17 million years ago. The Randecker Maar is of supraregional importance for migrating birds. Valley-like depressions such as the Randacker Maar are sought and utilised by migratory birds to make it easier for them to overcome the difference in altitude of up to 500 metres between the pre-Alpine region and the Alb plateau. A fundamental advantage for birdwatchers in the Randecker Maar is the fact that the birds of passage often fly past at eye level.

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Forschungsstation Randecker Maar e.V.
Buchsstraße 20
73252 Lenningen

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