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Remseck am Neckar

Remseck am Neckar – the name says it all – lies at the confluence of the Neckar and Rems rivers.

The Neckar has long since become a canalised shipping route. The final kilometres of the Rems, however, are still more or less natural and untamed. In the flood plains indigenous and often rare flora can be found. Grey herons, kingfishers and nightingales are not uncommon here.

Five nature reserves and an excellent network of hiking and cycling trails bear witness to the high recreational value of the area. The Neckar pleasure boats dock here no fewer than three times on their way from Stuttgart to Besigheim. The Neckar Valley Cycle Route (from Stuttgart to Heidelberg), the Rems Valley Route (to Schwäbisch Gmünd) and the Swabian Wine Route all pass through Remseck. In the Zipfelbach Valley and the meandering Rems water meadows, walkers will still find an unspoilt natural environment.

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Stadt Remseck am Neckar
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