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Of course you'll find socks and pot holders here, too. But Esslingen has lots more to offer besides: for example there's Germany's oldest sparkling wine producers, a five-star bakery, a milliner's shop with cult status, a house full of designers and other creative people, individual craftsmen's workshops, exquisite boutiques.

In all there are more than three hundred businesses that making shopping in Esslingen a special experience. Most of them are run by the owners. The proprietor is still to be found behind the counter and vouches for quality and service with his good name. Customer-friendly service in action. And all of this in the enthralling ambience of historical timbered architecture.

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Esslingen Weekly Market
Early in the morning, to supplement the breakfast buffet at the hotel or for healthy snacks between meals, a visit to Esslingen's weekly market is highly recommended for early birds! You'll find all kinds of fresh, crisp, flowery, unusual and delicious produce here.
Wednesday and Saturday  7 am – 12.30 pm

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Berlinerstraße 2
73732 Esslingen am Neckar

Opening times
Monday to Friday  9.30 am – 8 pm
Saturday  9 am – 8 pm

Shopping, strolling, meeting people: Esslingen's biggest shopping mall combines variety with a special experience – right in the heart of the city.

Neckar Center
Weilstraße 227
73733 Esslingen am Neckar

Opening times
Monday – Friday: all shops 10 am – 8 pm (E-Center 8 am –10 pm)
Saturday: all shops 9 am – 8 pm (E-Center 8 am – 22 pm)

Opening hours

Shopping hours
Monday to Saturday 9.30 am – 7 pm

Location & Contact

Stadtinformation Esslingen am Neckar
Marktplatz 16
73728 Esslingen am Neckar

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