Stadt- und Mehrzweckhalle Herrenberg

Herrenberg’s Civic and Multipurpose Halls make it possible to stage a wide variety of events in the direct vicinity of the historical town centre: from concerts and theatre events, lectures, exhibitions and works meetings to conferences, assemblies and seminars, or trade fairs, markets and bazaars.

The Civic Hall is an attractive building with a striking wooden truss construction, setting it apart from many modern halls. It has a 250-m² stage, including the 50 m² of the apron, and a total floor area of 800 m², with 450 m² occupied by the main arena.

Depending on individual wishes and the type of seating required, the hall has room for between 330 and 800 guests. A bright, inviting foyer with approximately 200 m² links the Civic Hall to the Multipurpose Hall.

The Multipurpose Hall has a 1,530-m² tarred floor, a height of 7.5 m and large entrance doors (3.20 m high), making it particularly suitable for trade fairs, markets and bazaars.

Herrenberg’s old town centre has a wealth of historical buildings, medieval alleyways and picturesque stairways, as well as specialist shops and inviting restaurants. The old town centre in its entirety is a protected monument. Circular walks with information boards describe its history.

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Stadt- und Mehrzweckhalle Herrenberg
Seestraße 29
71083 Herrenberg

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