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Tripsdrill Wildlife Park

It´s a 10 min walk from the theme park Tripsdrill to the wildlife park Tripsdrill. A stroll through it promises both relaxation and excitement. Over 50 different animal species mostly native to Europe live in the 47 hectare park. Right from the start of their circular route around the wildlife park, visitors can see wild animals close up. The footpath leads past outdoor enclosures and directly past fallow deer, Dybowski's deer and Sika deer. The best thing is that visitors can also pet the animals and feed them by hand. Otters can now be admired while they are swimming and frolicking around.

Bald eagles, red kites and vultures fly just above the heads of visitors during the flight demonstration on the falconer's grandstand. Visitors can stroll past the spacious aviaries and observe birds such as sparrow hawks, black kites and Harris hawks. During the feeding tour of the European wolves, bears and lynx, visitors will learn all about the behaviour and way of life of the various animals.

The forest adventure path with over 20 stations, provides an educational experience of the forest as an ecosystem. There are toys, exhibitions and charts to provide information about plants and animals. The adventure playground allows children to run and jump to their heart's content. An aerial runway and a see-saw offer plenty of opportunity for play. On the barefoot path you can touch and discover various materials by walking barefoot along a 150-metre route.

The wilflife park is included in the entrance fee of the theme park Tripsdrill. The nature resort, directly in front of the wildlife park, offers originally designed, comfortably equipped accommodation for everyone. A night in a tree house or shepherd’s wagon is a unique experience.

Opening hours

Easter - October (check homepage for exact dates):
09:00 am - 06:00 pm (depending on time of year)

Winter, weekends and public holidays:
09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Location & Contact

Wildparadies Tripsdrill
Wildparadies Tripsdrill-Straße 2
74389 Cleebronn

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