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Wäscherschloss (Castle)

The Wäscherschloss is Wäschebeuren's main tourist attraction and the community can rightly claim that it is often envied for this gem. The Wäscherburg was built during the Staufer era (prior to 1271). The castle has walls of up to 10 metres in height, enclosing a trapeze-shaped inner courtyard, and the substructure shows a mighty curtain wall which protected the castle against possible attack from the west.

Around the year 1500, the castle underwent extensive alterations, including the reconstruction of the upper storey with rustic oak timber framing. In 1699 another floor with less sophisticated timber framing was added. This was used as a granary. Following the sale of the estate, the building remained empty for many years, during which the wooden constructions in the inner courtyard were removed and the draw well was filled in.

Opening hours

May - October
Thursday - Sunday: 01:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Location & Contact

73116 Wäschenbeuren

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