© Stadt Welzheim
© Stadt Welzheim
© Stadt Welzheim


In 1991 Welzheim again became officially rated a climatic health resort. Since then the bioclimatic criteria required for maintaining this distinction have been verified at regular intervals.
The clean air here may even have been appreciated back in the days of the Romans, because in fact everything began with them. The Limes, a former boundary of the Roman Empire, runs right through the centre of modern Welzheim. At least 700 Romans were stationed here in two forts. And when the Romans finally left the area in around 200 AD, they also left a great many traces. Fascinating historical evidence and treasures from this period therefore continue to define the town up to the present day.
So take a deep breath and experience for yourself the beneficial effects that this highly-acclaimed, crystal-clear air has on body and soul. Come and enjoy a stretch of unspoilt nature in the heart of the Swabian-Franconian Forest Nature Reserve, surrounded by the historic witnesses of Roman times, and discover the wide diversity on offer in and around Welzheim.

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Stadtverwaltung Welzheim
Kirchplatz 3
73642 Welzheim

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