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Wernau - a young city on the Neckar. Surrounded by rural settings, Wernau is in the heart of Swabia. The "Wernauer Quarry Ponds" and the "Wernauer Clay Pit" are natural conservation areas today. Wernau is also a free time Eldorado with more than 100 clubs, numerous sports locations, outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, town hall, theater and diverse gastronomy.

Wernau arose from the two villages Pfauhausen and Steinbach. 700 years ago, the villages entered into a rather loose useful bind. In 1681, Franz Josef von Wernau tried to combine the villages but this didn't last too long. Finally, since 1938, the community of Wernau has existed in its current form.

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Stadtverwaltung Wernau (Neckar)
Kirchheimer Straße 68-70
73249 Wernau am Neckar

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