Winnental Palace and Park

Built around 1300 by the Order of Teutonic Knights, Winnental Palace was sold in 1665 to the dukes of Württemberg. The palace was redesigned by the Baroque master builder Matthias Weiss – a stuccoed ceiling in the prayer hall and the monumental fountain in the inner courtyard of the palace have survived from this period. Since 1834 it has been a sanitorium, and today it is a specialist hospital for psychiatry and neurology.

Especially worth seeing is the former palace chapel with its Late Gothic high altar retable – an outstanding cultural monument. The basic lay-out of the palace park in the grounds dates from shortly after the foundation in 1834. The trees in the centre of the park are some 150 years old. Visitors to the park can enjoy the peace and quiet while strolling past the pond area, the Baroque monumental fountain dating from 1671 and the Pug Memorial (1717) – despite being in the middle of Winnenden. The park is open to patients and visitors all year round.

Opening hours

Outdoors anytime.

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Schloss Winnental
Schlossstraße 50
71364 Winnenden

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