Evening twilight, © SMG, Cornelius Bierer

Favourite views

Would you like to see the Stuttgart basin from above? Then let's go up to the endless heights of Stuttgart. Thanks to Stuttgart's topographical location, you can let your eyes wander from all sides to all corners. To help you decide which views you shouldn't miss, our Stuttgart insiders have revealed their personal favourite spots. So why not take a picnic basket or a cool drink with you and climb up the Stäffele towards the views.

Eugensplatz , © SMG, Romeo Felsenreich


Birkenkopf - Montescherbelino , © SMG, Jean-Claude Winkler


Santiago-de-Chile Platz, © SMG

San­ti­ago-de-Chile Platz

Sepulchral Chapel on the Württemberg, © SMG, Cornelius Bierer

Sepulchral Chapel on the Württem­berg

Karlshöhe , © Romeo Felsenreich_sommertage.com