Dr. Torben Giese

Dr. Giese from the StadtPalais Stuttgart and "Stuttgart am Meer"

Dr Torben Giese, director of StadtPalais - Museum für Stuttgart, gives you an insight into his work at StadtPalais, his best moments at the museum and his love of lentils with spaetzle.

What has been your most beautiful moment in the museum so far?

There were and are always very beautiful moments at StadtPalais. One moment during our first summer festival "Stuttgart am Meer" has remained particularly in my memory: A little boy was jumping naked and dripping wet through the permanent exhibition in search of a toilet. That made me realise once again that our museum is really different from others.   

Where do you most like to be in the museum?

In the foyer. Here you can feel the liveliness of the house most clearly.

What is/was your favourite exhibition so far and why?

Our first special exhibition "Sound of Stuttgart" was my favourite. Here we succeeded in creating an exhibition that approaches the city of Stuttgart in a completely new way - only through hearing.

What do you think is typical of the Stuttgart region?

The bipolar: Urbanity and rural life, internationality and provinciality - in Stuttgart these things are very close together.

What peculiarity makes the Swabians so endearing to you?

The people of Stuttgart have a particularly strong identification with their city and their region. They love their hometown, and Stuttgartians like to express this by getting really worked up about it. I haven't experienced that anywhere else. 

From which place do you enjoy the view of Stuttgart the most?

From the Karlshöhe. Whenever I go to the Lapidarium, I walk up the hill to Karlshöhe. You're not really standing above the city, but in the middle of it. I like that very much.

The best Swabian delicacies can be eaten here:

I love lentils and spaetzle and actually try them in every Swabian restaurant. In the meantime, I even manage to cook them at home. The only thing I often fail at is homemade spaetzle.

What is your personal insider tip in Stuttgart?

The new Museum Hegel-Haus. The building was rebuilt and already opened on 27.8. with a new permanent exhibition with multimedia installation as well as an Escape Room.